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Massage is great for babies!

Promotes bonding and attachment between you and your baby

Provides relief from common discomforts, including colic and other digestive issues

Helps your baby to sleep better, deeper, and longer

Provides nurturing touch

Stimulates brain development and sensory awareness

... and great for parents too!

Increases feelings of confidence and competence in care-giving abilities

Creates a better understanding of and response to your baby's cues

Provides a social environment that is nurturing, safe and fun

What to Expect

Classes are taught in a four course series. This gives both you and your baby time to learn and become comfortable with massage. Each week you will learn massage strokes for a new part of the body, while reviewing what was learned the previous week. This way, new strokes are learned and previous information is reinforced, teaching a little at a time to ensure that you are confident with every aspect.

The strokes and styles of infant massage are easier to grasp when demonstrated by an experienced instructor. Pressure, rate, rhythm, the length of the massage, respect, bonding, why babies cry, baby's body language, positioning of the baby, relaxation and parent empowerment are some of the skills and topics that will be discussed.

Tuition Price ~ $ 80

Do you have friends with a new baby? Invite them to join the fun! I offer a group discount price of $65 per family